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The cold water cleaner for ALL of today's oral appliances!

Made in the USA

People around the world use Ortho Fresh cold water cleaner because it is the simple, fast, effective way to clean dentures, night guards, splints, partial, and anti-snoring appliances. Daily cleaning with Ortho Fresh will help maintain any dental appliance in a like new condition.

Don’t Risk Damage By Using Warm or Hot water!!

Some oral appliances can be damaged or distorted when they are cleaned or soaked in warm or hot water. Ortho Fresh is specifically formulated to clean ALL     

“Thermal” plastic appliances in cold to cool water. Ortho Fresh can help you protect your dental investment!      

Hygienists Love Ortho Fresh!

Dental Hygienists across the country use Ortho Fresh to clean partials while performing routine cleanings. Hygienists also recommend Ortho Fresh to orthodontic patients, to clean their retainers and splints. Patients love the clean minty flavor left behind!

To Clean:

    • Pour half a capful of mint-scented Ortho Fresh in enough cool to cold water so that the appliance is completely submerged in water.
    • Soak until foaming stops and water clears. Approximately 15 minutes. It is OK to leave your appliance to soak overnight in Ortho Fresh.
    • Remove your clean appliance and rinse thoroughly. Let appliance air dry.


You can purchase extra bottles of Ortho Fresh from your doctor, OR if your doctor does not carry extra stock call Distar at 1-800-477-6673, to place your order. Or you can purchase you product online at


Your Ortho Fresh order will ship on the same day you place the order and typically takes 5-7 business days to arrive. There is a minimum order of 3 bottles, and Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit cards are accepted.

Doctors & Hygienists

To be sure you have plenty of Ortho Fresh available for your patients, Distar offers a variety of quantity discounts.

There is a minimum order of 12 bottles, and your order will ship out the same day the order is placed. Call 1-800-477-6673 to find out what discounts are available.

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