Q. How effective is the TheraSnore appliance?
The TheraSnore is 93 percent effective in treating mild to moderate sleep apnea as well as simple snoring. It can often be used in treating the more severe OSA patient, but they must be closely monitored by a doctor.

Q. How can I tell if my patient has Sleep Apnea?
Distar offers ways to detect sleep apnea. First is SleepStrip, a disposable sleep apnea screener. Sleep Strip indicates if the patient is a simple snorer or the severity of sleep apnea based on apnea and hypopnea events per hour. The SleepStrip shows up to a 98% correlation with Polysomnography (PSG). Second we offer the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS). This questionnaire is designed for the patient to answer questions about their sleep habits. Distar also offers Pulse Oximetry units for screening sleep apnea and monitoring sedated patients. Should your patient indicate severe sleep apnea, we recommend you refer them for a formal sleep study.

Q. Does the TheraSnore appliance have FDA approval?
The TheraSnore appliances do have FDA 510(k) approval to be sold to dentists, physicians and chiropractors for the treatment of snoring (ATS,OTS) and mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (ATS).

Q. What is needed to fit a TheraSnore appliance?
Only boiling water and acrylic burr. We recommend you heat the appliance in a cup of water in a microwave oven if available. Should a microwave oven not be available, use a pot for boiling water. A butane flame may be used to remove any sharp areas that resulted from the trimming with the acrylic burr.

Q. Will the TheraSnore appliance cause TMJ problems?
No, the TheraSnore should never be painful for the patient. If a patient is experiencing TMJ discomfort, this usually indicates the mandible is being held too far protrusive (forward), or lateral movement of the mandible is restricted. A simple adjustment of either retruding the mandible or trimming the lingual post, labially, will correct this.

Q. Will the TheraSnore appliance cure snoring?
The TheraSnore works like eyeglasses. When you wear the TheraSnore, it eliminates or reduces the snoring noise, when removed, the snoring noise will reappear. The TheraSnore will not cause any permanent changes and patients will not learn to stop snoring.

Q. Does the TheraSnore completely stop snoring?
No, of the people it will work for, it will either completely eliminate or dramatically reduce the snoring noise. Some patients may still snore occasionally or softly.

Q. Do you guarantee that the appliance will work?
No, and we don't suggest you do either. Some doctors give a 50 percent refund if it does not work, but as long as the patient is told up front that it is 93 percent effective and does not work for everyone, patients are usually willing to assume
the risk.

Q. Do you offer any guarantees?
With the TheraSnore Starter Kit and its 90-day money back guarantee, the doctor
can initially try the entire TheraSnore Program. Before the 90 days are over, should you feel the TheraSnore Program is not right for your practice, simply return the entire kit, along with any fitted appliances, and the purchase price will be refunded. You do not need to keep track of the brochures you handed out.

Q. Will the TheraSnore appliance wear out?
Yes, eventually the TheraSnore will wear out. The TheraSnore generally lasts 18 to 24 months. However, if the patient is a bruxer the lifespan of the TheraSnore may be reduced. Should the patient be a heavy bruxer, we recommend the original TheraSnore.

Q. Can children use the TheraSnore appliance?
No, the TheraSnore is not for use in children. Because children's teeth and jaws are developing, the TheraSnore could cause permanent changes in the teeth and/or jaws. Many children snore because of large adenoids or tonsils. We at Distar are in the process of developing a TheraSnore appliance for children which will not cause any occlusal change.

Q. Will the TheraSnore cause any orthodontic movement of the teeth?
In approximately 3% of the patients fit, there might be some slight movement of the lower incisors, due to preexisting periodontal problems. Should this happen, simply fit a lower "Hawley" retainer over the lower incisors, then fit the appliance over the "Hawley". A "pull down" or "suck down" lower tray may also be used.

Q. Are there contraindications for the TheraSnore Users?
The TheraSnore is not for use with children or some patients with periodontal problems. The appliance may not be effective for persons who are extremely obese (100 lbs. or more overweight) or those who are severe gaggers. One note however, the appliance may help someone who is very obese, but the chances of the TheraSnore eliminating the snoring noise is small. Patients prone to TMD should be screened by a doctor prior to fitting (in many cases the appliance may help such a case).

Q. Can I fit the TheraSnore appliance on patients? With dentures?
Yes, it is possible, however, the patient will have to sleep with his dentures and the dentures need to fit very tight over the ridge. It is important to use a slight film of petroleum jelly over the dentures before fitting.

Q. What is the average patient fee?
The average patient fee across the country is between $250 and $600. Most doctors charge $375.00 to $475.00.

Q. Will insurance reimburse my patient for the TheraSnore?
More and more insurance companies are recognizing the efficacy of the TheraSnore in treating mild to moderate sleep apnea. Insurance companies realize many patients are willing to wear the TheraSnore and appreciate the TheraSnore's low cost. Distar is constantly reviewing insurance codes to help you and your patient get reimbursed for the TheraSnore. We have a list of current insurance codes available.

Q. How many times will I need to see the patient?
After the initial fitting, we recommend you have your patient return in 2 to 3 days for a "comfort" check. The lingual post needs to be as long as possible without rubbing on any tissue. The TheraSnore may not have rubbed on any tissue during the fitting process, but while asleep the post may rub. Then after 4 or 5 nights of all night wear have your patient return for a progress report. If the patient's snoring hasn't been eliminated or greatly reduced, you need to move the mandible forward. The Adjustable TheraSnore can be moved forward or backward in precise 1.5mm increments.

Q. How long will it take for me to fit the appliance?
The first few fittings may take 45 minutes to an hour, but after you have fit a few, it usually takes 30 minutes or less.

Q. How should the patient care for the TheraSnore?
After each wear, brush the appliance to remove any debris and rinse. Cleaning the appliance in Ortho Fresh cold water cleaner will help keep it smelling fresh and clean. If the appliance is allowed to get extremely dirty, it may be impossible to get it completely clean. Store the TheraSnore dry. Remember, to use only cool or cold water when cleaning the appliance. We include patient instructions with every appliance.

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